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Our Vision

After working hands on with students in the local community and hearing the concerns of parents, it was discovered that certain schools were behind the curve in state testing. To help improve test scores, after school enrichment and the community, the idea of creating an academy/after school program for K-2 students was conceived.


The Academy for Exceptional Youth aims to provide a snack/meal, supplies and transportation for students at no cost to parents. We believe that no matter the socio-economic background, children should be able to experience quality educational after school care. With just a few more hours in the day dedicated to not only engaging educational activities, but physical activities as well, students test scores may improve. 

OUR Objective

Create an exceptional, inclusive after school experience.



By investigating the learning styles of selected students, increase competency levels in the following areas: reading comprehension, composition, mathematics and physical science. 



Provide a nurturing environment for students to ensure maximum potential is reached. 



Plan field trips that allows the students to experience various occupations so that they can relate how their learning styles can be applied to the workforce. 

School Kids
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