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OUR Dream

Working Towards a Brighter Future One Action at a Time

We have all heard the phrase “Children are the future”. That statement is true. Education is important so that children grow up to not only contribute to society but follow their dreams. However, it is challenging when students have a difficult time connecting what they are learning with the ever-growing world around them. At the Academy for Exceptional Youth, we want to help students relate with the material they are learning by assessing their learning style. We hope to connect students to the information they are learning so they love learning. If students can assess how they learn best, there is no limit to their potential. Our dream is to simply help students develop EXCEPTIONALLY! 

OUR Mission

At The Academy for Exceptional Youth we believe that children, no matter their socio-economic
background deserve quality education. There is only so much time in the average school day to
teach students material that coincides with the state curriculum. During that time, some students
may not fully grasp the information, which may result in poor grades and state test scores. Also,
students may not perform well because they do not understand how to apply what they learn.

A huge part of learning is knowing how you learn. AEY is a program that focuses on the learning
styles of students with smaller class sizes so they can absorb the information. We aims to provide
a snack/meal, supplies and transportation for students at no cost to parents. Also, The Academy
for Exceptional Youth aims to provide free of charge field trips to students so that they may
connect what they learn to real world careers.

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